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NaKEd Future

Naked Future is today, it is the unforgotten, the smoke that clears and the crashing waves.
Sometimes we don’t want to see… sometimes the sun is too bright.
Sometimes the truth can be sweet even when it hurts.
Naked Future is when you’re ready to be you, to hide no more.
The Sunshine In My Head album was the sedative but Naked Future is the cure.
Naked Future is current and real.
We Are Just Pebbles On A Beach, but Don’t You Say A Word. And If It’s Okay just to feel like a number, You Better Shuttup. Personally I Believe we should Sit Down because I Am So In Love With You, even though you feel you’re No Good, you could be Sitting On Top The World.
Naked Future will leave you feeling relieved and alive.
Sometimes we need to let it out and sometimes music is that source of freedom.
I needed to write this album and you needed to hear it.
Thank you with all my heart.
Mark-Anthony Abel

I am just an artist and it is the people who have shown me love that are responsible for this album. You are my heart and my soul.


Matt Lepanen, Kaz Stoilov and Sean Garnett.

All songs written By Mark-Anthony Abel with these exceptions:

Othello’s Call To Arms – lyrics by Mark-Anthony Abel and Sean Garnett.

No Good – Music and Lyrics by Mark-Anthony Abel and Kaz Stoilov.

Production by Mark-Anthony Abel, Kaz Stoilov and Matt Lepanen.

A&R Alistair Isaac-Sodeye.

I dedicate this album to my family and friends whilst remembering those no longer among us, to Smithy, Deloris Simpson, Wendy Abel, Imran, Jenae, Pete Minvalla, Karol Thwaites, Stefhen Bryan, Alistair Isaac-Sodeye, Janine Downing, Karen Wise, Charlene Solomon, Dylan, Sean Garnet, Harrison, Dave Rodney, Tony ER guru, Roy Cooper, Matt and Ville Lepanen, M-J, Baba and Lulu Spencer, Kaz Stoilov, Mark Masterson, Reggie, Ray Edwards, Elijah, Teresa Harris, Winston Bennett, Richie Gullie, Eric Abel, Tina and Barry James, Chelci, Claire Louise O’brien, Isaiah, Patrick Knight, Shaun Sydenham, Daniel Foss, Russell Fraser, Daisy Simpson, Dyon, Maria, Jessica, Tiana, Andre, Nial, Hope, Skyla, Amera, Shaniah, Jake, Matthew Edwards (album artwork), Freddie McGregor, Lee E John, Evan Carnegie, Pearl and to all my cousins not mentioned, Peter Straker, Ray Nnadi, Alton Henry, Horace Moulton, Kimberly Meghan Roberts, Carolina Cattrell, Adam Philps, Guy Murray, Sean Cronin, Mark Whitlock, Jane Barber-Street, Claire Partington, Katherine Mckintosh, Blue Rose, Pat and Debbie, Sherwin Wilson, John Carl Martin, Alex Finni, Andrew Appleton, Michael Campbell, Dean and Anthony Abel, Gigi Tranquillity-Hart, Iris Saevarsdottir, Amadou Saho, Kevin Ritchie, Angela Grove, Roberta Williams, Minister Jazz,  Connie Mersey Rose, Anna Nelson, Simon Estridge, Karen Pitchely, Xen Xcafon, Kat Dee and Kevin, Tajudeen Ojo, Cheri Class, Simon Estridge, Darren Francis, Rex Addy, Kevin Cleverly, Amadou Saho, Shaun, Minista Jazz, Audrey Lofters, Mark Berry, Katherine Dallas, Louisa Brown, the Foss family, Jennifer Mckane, James Mbai, The Crime Lords, Chiara Tarla, Joy Ibiayo, Matty Smith, Martin Bailey, CJ Marshall, Richard Jaskeran and Jennifer Simpson.